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Complete List of Luther’s Works, American Edition

Recently, I was attempting to find a certain volume of Luther's works in English. Surprisingly, I was unable to find a complete list of all 55 volumes online. The American Edition of Luther's Works includes all of Luther's writings that have been translated into English. The individual volumes are published jointly by Fortress Press and Concordia Publishing House.

I've thus compiled a list of the works, a "table of contents" of sorts to the series. The link to the Pulisher's page has a description of the book and a table of contents. I've also been amazed at how difficult it is to find certain volumes for sale online, so I've tracked down the Amazon Hardback and Kindle options and listed those as well.

Luther's Works, American Edition (Vols 1-55ff)

Volume 1: Lectures on Genesis 1-5  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 2: Lectures on Genesis 6-19  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 3: Lectures on Genesis 15-20  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 4: Lectures on Genesis 21-25  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 5: Lectures on Genesis 26-30  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 6: Lectures on Genesis 31-37  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 7: Lectures on Genesis 38-44  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 8: Lectures on Genesis 45-50  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 9: Lectures on Deuteronomy  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 10: Lectures on Psalms I  (Amz) (Kindle)

Volume 11: Lectures on Psalms II  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 12: Selected Psalms I  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 13: Selected Psalms II  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 14: Selected Psalms III  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 15: Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, 2 Samuel 23:1-7  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 16: Commentary on Isaiah I  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 17: Commentaries on Isaiah II  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 18: Commentaries on Minor Prophets I  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 19: Commentaries on Minor Prophets II  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 20: Commentaries on Minor Prophets III  (Amz) (Kindle)

Volume 21: Sermon on the Mount and the Magnificat  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 22: Sermons on the Gospel of St. John, 1-4  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 23: Sermons on the Gospel of St. John, 6-9  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 24: Sermons on the Gospel of St. John, 14-16  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 25: Lectures on Romans  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 26: Lectures on Galatians, 1-4 (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 27: Lectures on Galatians, 5-6  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 28: Selected Pauline Epistles I  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 29: Selected Pauline Epistles II  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 30: The Catholic Epistles  (Amz) (Kindle)

Volume 31: Career of the Reformer I (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 32: Career of the Reformer II  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 33: Career of the Reformer III  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 34: Career of the Reformer IV  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 35: Word and Sacrament I  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 36: Word and Sacrament II  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 37: Word and Sacrament III  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 38: Word and Sacrament IV  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 39: Church and Ministry I  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 40: Church and Ministry II  (Amz) (Kindle)

Volume 41: Church and Ministry III  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 42: Devotional Writings I (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 43: Devotional Writings II  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 44: Christian in Society I  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 45: Christian in Society II  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 46: Christian in Society III  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 47: Christian in Society IV  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 48: Letters I  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 49: Letters II  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 50: Letters III  (Amz) (Kindle)

Volume 51: Sermons I  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 52: Sermons II  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 53: Liturgy and Hymns  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 54: Table Talk  (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 55: Index  (Amz) (Kindle)

Volume 58: Selected Sermons V (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 59: Prefaces I / 1522-1532 (Amz) (Kindle)
Volume 69: Sermons on the Gospel of John 17-20 (Amz) (Kindle)


Michael 10:33 PM  

This might be the most helpful thing you've ever published on this blog, well, you know, except for my comments.

Ched 11:17 PM  

except for my comments.

So thinks the Sawilowsky.

Matt 9:51 PM  

You're forgetting one important item, dear friend: the total cost of purchasing all 55 volumes.

Billy,  2:09 PM  

That's funny you posted this because I've been looking for all of the volumes put into one set for a good price and couldn't find it. I found all 55 volumes on ebay for over a thousand bucks! I was just talking to Dr. Lee about it on Thursday and he showed me the publisher's catalogue announcing that they are releasing more volumes all the way up to #75. That's insane, nobody should be allowed to write that much.

Ched 7:12 PM  

the total cost of purchasing all 55 volumes

My bad. Eight bajillion dollars, where bajillion equals the amount I can afford and "eight" means that number times eight.

nobody should be allowed to write that much.

Agreed. And the American Edition is only a selection of the original Weimar edition. Yikes.

Anonymous,  7:29 AM  

Thanks so much, this is really useful!

WTM 4:57 PM  

This is an amazing resource - thanks!

Anonymous,  12:01 AM  

You should turn this into a pdf.

Billy 12:02 AM  

I made the comment about the pdf. I accidentally hit enter before I plugged in my info.

Ched,  5:38 PM  


That's a good idea.

And, despite your assurances, I know you're not above hiding behind your anonymity. :)

theologyforum 12:27 PM  

Very helpful indeed, and I second the suggestion to put this into a pdf.

Cheers. Kent

Anonymous,  9:33 PM  

I have 57 volumes to date and work through several each year. Although I am a Calvinist, I enjoy Luther more than any other writer, he more than repays the time you spend reading his work.
Doug F.

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