Another Typical Day in Fort Worth

As Leigh Anne and I were attempting to enter I-20 Sunday Night, we could not because a police car had blocked the exit. We then wound our way to the next street over and again, the exits were blocked. As we got on the feeder, we realized that there were people lined up and down the streets looking down the freeway, as if they were waiting on something. We then turned around to go back home, when we were forced to stop at an intersection.

Just then, helicopters zoomed overhead and we saw coming down the freeway a swerving 18-wheeler followed by two-swat hummers, multiple tactical units and a legion of police cars. It was one of the most bizzare things I've ever seen in my life. Police then shot out the tires about 10 miles down the road and had a standoff. From where we were staying, looking out the window you could see the helicopters hovering over the standoff spot. It all ended well, with the hijacker releasing the truck driver and her dog. The swat team then fired tear gas rockets into the cab of the truck, which forced the perpetrator out. People were lining the streets trying to get a glimpse of all this action. We saw one misguided young man actually make a sign that said "keep on trucking" which he held up while he stood on an overpass while the police chase went below him. Some people.

It's not every day that you witness a high-speed (low-speed) police chase 300 feet from where you live. I've been trying to make a theological application of this adreneline producing event, but I've yet to come up with one. Nobody got hurt, so I guess its ok to be excited that we saw it .

August 9, 2006


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