Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jabberwocky: A word Study...

Overused and abused adjective: "nice"

I will now aver to elucidate the deepest definition of this supposedly egregiously profane adjectival entity. I think we all know that "nice" has its orgin in the council of "Nicea." It was a general term used to denote orthodoxy. It was not at all a rarity to hear the early church fathers deem a certain turn of phrase, doctrinal point, or antiquated television sitcom as "Nicea." In fact, there is archeological evidence of a patristic see-saw with the words, "Nicea-ria" engraved upon them. Then, as more and more non-greek speaking people began to appropriate this strikingly useful and succinct summary of all that is orthodox, the "a" dropped out because it reminded them of "alpha," which we all know is not the best tasting shrubbery in the world.

Thus, "nice."

So the next time someone labels something you said or did, "nice," thank them for declaring what you just uttered to be in line with all that is right and good. I anticipate nicely fashioned mental responses to this discourse.

Perhaps I am the only one amused by such banter.

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