The Danger of Dying in the Sun:

It is sometimes so hard to express what begins to well up deep inside, at unpredictable times. The study and proclamation of Scripture is an humbling task. I seek to know the text. I understand aspects of the text. I can feel the text. I can smell it and sense its undercurrents, but I still struggle in articulating its meaning forcefully and cogently. This truly is a labor. It is neither an easy nor flippant task. There is a weight that cannot be explained when one tries to proclaim these truths, either publicly or privately. This, I do not believe is a bad thing. I pray I will never lose this weight and this sense of awe at the proclamation of these words of revelation; the attempt to portray the image of an invisible God. May the Lord grant me his words as I seek to understand his Word. He must hem me in, behind and before, if I am ever to succeed.

As I long to know him more, I feel like one who floats facedown in the shallow shore of an ocean, straining his weak and salt stung eyes to see what is at the bottom. I wish my mind was gripped by the deep things of God. There are, I am sure, stirrings and movements in the depths of the ocean of God’s revelation of which I cannot even dream. We see the waves, and we know there is one who brings them into being and raises and brings them low. We can only wade out so far before we are swept off our feet and carried back to shore. How I long to be over my head in the riches of written revelation.

I would much rather be in danger of drowning, than of dying in the sun.
November 21, 2006


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