Pursuing something beyond our reach:

Who by his understanding made the heavens, His love endures forever (Psalm 136:5).

Sometimes I think that slips out of my train of thought. He created the universe, everything that I see, merely with his understanding. I am forever attributing human characteristics to God. I say, He spread out the ocean with his hands, and created the winds with a breath, and strew the stars across the darkened void ... But He is not limited to the constraints of this world, this body, and this mind. Every thought, if He even thinks as we do, becomes reality for Him. The human mind can never comprehend the magnitude and glory of God because the only things that we can imagine are things of this earth, things that He created. Every analogy is flawed, every example imperfect, every statement of truth, is dimly wrought. I try to describe Him but He created my words! If He created everything that we think about, and gave us a mind to think about these things, and gives us the power that enables us to think, and also knows and brings forth our thoughts, how can we ever begin to even start to describe even an inkling of His splendor? Surely it the case that any comprehensive description that we could ever give God would surely negate and compromise his beauty, greatness and glory. Overwhelming as it is we must continue to try. We must spend our life in pursuit of something beyond our reach, knowing that we will never be able to attain it. Trying to describe the indescribable: That while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

We must continually attempt to articulate this ineffable truth, for certainly we were created to execute this task. Only by his grace. Only for his glory.
December 30, 2006


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