Literary Lucky-Dipping

Here is how you partake in a round of Literary Lucky-Dipping:

1) Skillfully grab the book closest to you

2) Quickly open to page 123, go down to the fourth sentence

3) Post the text of the following three sentences

4) Name the author and book title

5) Tag an indefinite number of people to do the same (so, it could be '0')

After following the meandering links through a number of these posts, I decided that I too would partake in this tomfoolery a round of literary lucky-dipping. So, I wheeled to my bookshelf, grabbed the first book that caught my eye, and:
She recalled exactly which road to turn off to get to it. She knew that Bailey would not be willing to lose any time looking at an old house, but the more she talked about it, the more she wanted to see it once again and find out if the little twin arbors were still standing. "There was a secret panel in this house," she said craftily, not telling the truth but wishing that she were, "and the story went that all the family silver was hidden in it when Sherman came through but it was never found..."
I was delighted to find that I had landed upon the beginning of the literary climax of Flannery O'Connor's short story, "A Good Man is Hard to Find." This is the turning point of the entire narrative. It also contains my favorite line of the story, not telling the truth but wishing that she were. Aside from being an elating exercise in erudition, this little game has been a welcome relief from vociferous study.

I now invite Matt, Michael, Mike, Zach, Shauna, Katy, 5'oclock, Shawn, Korey, and Ariel to indulge in a quick game of literary lucky-dipping. I know that we will get 100% participation, not telling the truth but wishing I was.

Note: if you decide partake in this chicanery, I'll replace the tag- link to your site with your actual lucky dipping post.
February 3, 2007


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