Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Assignment that has turned into a Monster

This Project consists of two parts.

The first is an outline of the Book of Romans, detailing major sections, sub-sections and paragraphs, with chapter and verse references, and titles for each. Each student is to produce their own outline—not based on any outline found in a Bible or other book—through inductive study of Romans.

In the second section, the student’s own outline is to be used as a framework for comment on Romans.

This needs to show:

A. A section on introductory and critical issues (Author, Date, Recipients, Text)

B. A section on the issue of the occasion and purpose of Romans.

C. For each major section, sub-section, sub-sub-section and paragraph within your outline, under the title provide:

1. The topic (or theme, or subject)

2. The main point. What is the section saying about its theme?

3. A brief paragraph regarding how the section or paragraph fits in its context, and its place in the argument or flow of thought.

4. In addition, for each paragraph unit give comment on the Greek text. This is an opportunity to reflect on the text, the lectures and the set readings. Work on this project as the semester progresses. Your work should show:

i. Interaction with the required readings

ii. Reflection on the lectures, homework and class discussion

iii. Thoughtful treatment of the Greek text

iv. Attention to Old Testament quotes and allusions.

v. Suggestions for contemporary application and teaching.

At this point, the Hebrew Monster is looking like Mr. Rogers.

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