Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Irony of Admonition: or, the logical coherence of one man's campaign against television...

I recently read a friend's post about the oftentimes deleterious effects of watching television and was reminded of a story that my NT professor told last semester. He had been a missionary for many years in the UK, and one day his team leader gathered all the team members together for an impromptu meeting. As it turned out, he had been recently troubled and concerned about the effects of television on people, and his team members in particular. He went on and on for quite a while about the danger and horrors of too much T.V., or any T.V. for that matter. Very passionate about what he was talking about, the leader went on for about twenty minutes sharing his concern. At the end of his tirade speech and the apex of his argumentation, the leader gave one final exhortation:

So, those of you with a T.V., Watch it!

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