The Storm Front moves in, and the King of Glory passes by

It is raining right now. It is raining hard. For the last half hour the sky has been slowly darkening and the wind has been steadily picking up speed. The massive pillars of clouds have been marching in unison and in step with the rhythm set by the howl of the approaching storm. The air betrays the steady build up of unleashed force . . .

The Voice of the Lord is powerful

A brilliant light slices through the volatile stillness and streaks across the sky. The bolt strikes and retracts in less than a second. Only present for an instant, the flash has lit up the darkened canopy that surrounds us and has revealed the full extent of the massive storm.

The Voice of the Lord hews out flames of fire

Quick on its heals comes what sounds like a team of jets barreling overhead shattering the normal constraints of sound and space. The increasing roar turns suddenly into a deafening audible explosion as the round of thunder reaches its climax.

The God of Glory Thunders

Leigh Anne likes to lock our doors and close our blinds when storms begin to rage. We both somehow consciously attempt to keep the staggering power that seems to be descending upon our little apartment. Just as we finish fortifying our barracks, we hear a forceful cracking sound that seems to be right inside with us. The walls and floor seem to resonate with the waves of power that are piercing through whatever stands in its way. I feel the apartment rumble and sway.

The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness

In that split moment my heart skips a beat and it feels as if time has stood still; As if the seconds had stopped progressing and were bowing before their maker.

He makes Lebanon skip like a calf,

These moments seem to strip me of something. My guard is not so much let down as it is decimated. There is nothing left. Coming into contact with raw power, my defenses suddenly become non-existent as I seem to be standing in the middle of a wide open plain bereft of clothing, comfort, and cover. Something is involuntarily taken.

The voice of the Lord makes the deer to calve and strips the forests bare

Today I’ve been writing a book review, paying bills, writing emails, and taking care of daily mundane tasks. But now, for a moment, those things cease to exist. The presence of power without limit has driven triviality and littleness of thought from my mind. Now my thoughts are on something big; something larger than myself is encroaching upon our seemingly self-sustaining and self-sufficient lives; The fringes of His glory have presently overwhelmed me. Now, our little apartment has turned into a sanctuary where the echoes of thunderous majesty are met with involuntary heart cries of awe and wonder.

And in His temple everything says, “Glory!”

And now the storm recedes. The deafening roar turns into a rumble. The forecasters have called it a line of scattered thunderstorms, but there is one tonight who recognizes that the King of glory has passed by and made himself known. There is one tonight who has been reminded who is on His throne and who is helpless without him;

The Lord sat as King at the flood
Yes, the Lord sits as King forever

And there is one tonight who both fears and loves His “voice.”

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name
Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness
Glory of God
July 24, 2007


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