Friday, July 06, 2007

Things I've Recently Read and Remembered (2):

Tim Challies on why the producers of Evan Almighty failed to lure in the Christian target group at the box-office:

Because they don't know the audience. They try to appeal to some watered-down, ridiculous notion of what a Christian is and then are surprised to learn that true Christians really bear no resemblance to that caricature.

Dr. Hamilton on the real point of ministry:

We are not the point. Our capacities are not the point . . . May the Lord so ravish the souls of the manager-ministers that they cannot help but be consumed with the greatness of God, all taken up with the study of his word, and ever pointing seminarians to Christ, not the skills they need.

Michael on the importance of speaking rightly about the Holy Spirit:
“The Holy Spirit is God” is a perfectly good expression, as long as one has a distinctly Christian (read, Trinitarian) understanding of God. Of course, assuming this in a post-Christian environment is insane.

Graeme Goldsworthy in Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics (p. 19):
If Christ truly is our Lord and Saviour, then he is the Lord and Saviour of our hermeneutics.

From an News Story entitled "Man bites dog to rescue puppy":
Awakened by the puppy's yelps, a villager named Geng first tried to chase the dog away by hurling watermelons at it . . . The farmer then threw himself on the dog, clamping his teeth around its neck and eventually killing it.

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