Vacation Ends, A New Semester Begins:

1. Theological Method
2. Hebrew Exegetical Method
3. Baptist Heritage
4. The Christian Home
5. Applied Ministry

My week and a half of summer has now ended. The beginning of a new semester is here.

I usually tend to think of the semester as an epoch through which I hurtle inexorably towards the academic eschaton otherwise known as Finals week. My goal at the beginning of each semester is to "persevere to the end" and to have my grade point average be found faithful. Though I will probably never be able to shake this conceptual and structural tendency, I have recently felt the need for me to broaden my conceptual framework.

There is coming a day when the "kingdom of the world" will become "the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ" (Rev 11:15). On this day, the one to whom it belongs will begin his eternal reign. As one who is in Christ, that "day" for me is precious and entails my salvation, because the conquering king who will crush the head of his enemies is also my redeemer.

It is in eager anticipation of this final "day" that I must structure my reality. My ordering mindset should be that my Savior is just beyond the horizon, and my continual watchword must become, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

He is coming, and it just might be today. I pray that I will be found faithful when he comes to claim his bride.
August 24, 2007


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