Monday, August 20, 2007

Writing Book Reviews to the Glory of God

Dr. Jim Hamilton (SWBTS Professor) was recently asked in an interview about the tone that should be utilized when critiquing someone else's work. He responded by saying that

Our goal in writing book reviews must be to glorify God.

It seems to me that in 1 Timothy the word “godliness” means that we relate appropriately to all people given their gender, age, status, etc. So, false teachers are to be rebuked, younger men are to be treated as brothers, younger women as sisters, older women as mothers, and older men are not to be answered sharply but like fathers. The elders of the church are to be respected, and charges are only received against them on the evidence of two or three witnesses. Keeping things like this in mind will help us write appropriate things in book reviews, which is what it means to be godly, and this will honor the Lord.

The principles he lays down here should guide all of our interactions with people, in print and in person.

The rest of the interview, which is spot on as well, can be found at SWBTS Bloggers.

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