I Wait Upon My God: The Contribution of Michael Sattler to Our Baptist Heritage

BaptistTheology.org has published my Baptist Heritage paper on Anabaptist Michael Sattler that I was able to present at the Baptist Theology Symposium. The paper is entitled “I Wait Upon My God: The Contribution of Michael Sattler to Our Baptist Heritage.”


An Excerpt:

Though his career as an Anabaptist was abruptly cut short, Michael Sattler was the most memorable and influential Anabaptist of the Swiss Brethren. The testimony of his life and death proved instrumental in holding together the diverse Anabaptist movement at a critical time. He served as the “bridge” between the precarious beginnings of the movement and its structured consolidation years later. In studying Sattler, one cannot escape the interplay between his theological underpinnings and his dramatic life and death. The two are linked in a way that defies separation. Though Sattler was not the only Anabaptist to be cruelly put to death, his execution was certainly the most memorable, as the words he wrote and the martyrdom he endured have strengthened and edified countless since his time.

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Historical Theology
December 21, 2007


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