Jesus as the Messiah, Sermon Series

This past month, one of my professors, Dr. Jason Lee, preached an excellent sermon series at my church on Jesus as the Messiah.

By carefully examining Old Testament texts about who the Messiah will be and what he will be like, Dr. Lee provides the context necessary to understand the New Testament passages about Jesus (e.g., Matt 1-2).

He answers the important question, "Who is this son of David, son of Abraham?" (Matt 1:1). In doing so, he highlights the unity of the Testaments as they testify about the Christ. In his sermons, Dr. Lee puts on display the fruit of a theological interpretation of the Scriptures.

You can find the sermons at Redeemer's Audio Page:
  1. Jesus, the Messiah: Who’s Son is He? - Part 1
  2. Jesus, the Messiah: Who’s Son is He? - Part 2
  3. Jesus, the Messiah: The Anointed King
  4. Jesus, the Messiah: The Victorious King
Jason K. Lee
January 1, 2008


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