Riddle me This: Questions about Lost Season 4 Trailer

Lost Season 4 Trailer:

There are a few variations on the trailer for Season Four, but this is my favorite. I also think it is the most interesting.

Season Four's Visual Thesis Statement: The thesis statement of this trailer (and perhaps this season) is obviously, "Some will leave the Island, Some will not." Something I noticed was that the last image of the trailer is a shadowy picture of the Island. The top of the image has the backdrop of the Island trees, mountains, and verdurous scenery. However, the reflection in the water is clearly that of a major city skyline.

Thus, this image is an intriguing manifestation of what this season seems to be about. There will be a parting of ways. Additionally, the image could intimate what we as viewers already painstakingly realize, namely, that nothing is as it seems on this Island. The Lost crew are finally getting rescued, or are they? The viewer expectation is that the people on this boat are the ones who effect Jack and Kate's return. However, we might not even be close to their departure in Lost's overarching narrative.

Suspicious Figure in Dark Room: The second major question from this trailer is, "Who is the guy creepily sitting in the dimly lit room?" In the trailer, there is a point where the major conflict is presented (NOT PENNY'S BOAT!). One of the ostensible "rescuers" tells Jack that rescuing them isn't their primary objective. Enter jarring music and quick scene changes. The pace of the trailer picks up and begins showing a montage of intense clips and dramatic voice-overs. One of these is Locke saying that their is "a traitor in their midst." On the heels of Locke's words, the camera cuts to a dimly lit room (though clearly apparently still on the Island) with a man sitting in a chair watching something unfold.

Some have said this is Jacob, but my initial (and continued) opinion is that it looks most like Jack's dad. If this is the case, I have no idea what is going on, though it is undoubtedly sinister.

Though, even if this is not the case, I still have no idea what is going on. I just know that it adds a "wrinkle" to the storyline that I am looking forward to seeing unfold.

And what will happen in the Jack-Sawyer-Kate dilemma?

Does Sawyer leave the Island with Team Jack, or does he throw his hat in with Team Locke?

Have you solved any of these riddles?
Please, Pontificate.
January 8, 2008


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