All Aboard, the Rockets Bandwagon

The Rockets have now become only the third team in NBA history to win 20 games in a row. This is the second longest NBA streak ever.
Now, I've been the sole stage driver of the Rockets Bandwagon here in the metroplex for quite some time. To borrow a metaphor, if you're a rockets fan here, you won't be alone, but you'll be lonely. However, due to this recent history-making streak, there have been quite a few posers on the side of the road with their thumbs out trying to hitch a ride. Now, I'm happy to have even fair weather companions along with me on the bandwagon, but I just wanted to delineate the difference between those sitting on the tailgate and those holding the reins. Thus, I offer a few criterion:

You might be a true Rockets fan,

If you tried to hang up your lamenated copy of the Houston Chronicle in your living room a week after you got married
and still hung it up on the inside of your closet door after she laughed at your "joke",

If John Stockton ruined your appetite and your summer vacation in 1997 when he knocked down a 3-pointer at the buzzer in game 7 of the Western Conference Finals,

If you know who Hakeem the Dream, Clyde the Glyde, Sir Charles, and Chilly Pete are,

If you know that the Dream Shake and the Olajuwon shuffle are not dance moves from the 70s,

If you've ever fastened two coat hangers, a sheet of foil, and a foot of duct tape to an AM radio at 10:30pm so you could hear Gene Peterson and Jim Foley call a game,

If Matt Maloney and Brent Price were ever your homeboys,
Most importantly, if you harbor unprovoked and inexplicable malice toward both the Spurs and the Mavs (or wince in pain upon their entry into a conversation),

Then you might just be able to ride "shotgun" on the Bandwagon with me. So, All aboard!
March 13, 2008


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