Friday, July 18, 2008

Extreme Measures Must be Taken!

A fellow blogger stated "please encourage Ched to take up interior design as a new hobby or perhaps an ancillary source of income. We bloggers know talent when we see it!"

As Ched's wife, I feel that it is my duty to show the world what that "talent" would actually look like. The following are pictures of the one room where Ched is allowed to explore his creativeness in the area of interior design...

First: Lovely posters gracefully mounting the doors

Second: Clothes, boxes, and beanbags... oh, and another poster...

Third: Books and random book jackets piled as high as the eye can see...

Finally: Buzz... always strategically placed around the room.

And now, as you can see below, he is finding his way into other rooms. He must be stopped!

Special Note: This post is the result of a blog highjacking while I was at work a guest post by my conniving and devious sweet wife Leigh Anne in response to a recent comment thread. Matt, I blame you for this I appreciate your encouraging words to my wife.


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