Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On the removal of the antonym section, or Opposites attack, by Taylor Mali

"On the removal of the antonym section, or Opposites attack"

It was a stupid section. I mean. you either knew the word or you didn't. --Test prep tutor on the Educational Testing Service's decision to remove the Antonym section from the S.A.T.

The Educational Service has done away with the antonym section on the S.A.T. Finally, they have done something:

    a) ignominious
    b) calamitous
    c) baleful
    d) bad

Since it only tested the student's vocabulary, the antonym section was essentially:
    a) germane
    b) valid
    c) apposite
    d) demonstrative

And besides, the only people who did well on it were:
    a) perspicacious
    b) percipient
    c) sagacious
    d) astute

I can't wait until ETS makes the test perfect by eliminating other sections that test:
    a) reading comprehension
    b) problem solving
    c) analytical reasoning
    d) anything else

Mali, What Learning Leaves, p. 20.

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