Christ has purchased all that is needed for those who suffer

Christ is able to afford all that is needed in such a case. By the love and tenderness of his heart, he is disposed to help those that are in affliction; and his ability is answerable to his disposition.

He is able to support the heart under the heaviest sorrows, and to give light in the greatest darkness; he can divide the thickest cloud with beams of heavenly light and comfort; he is one that gives songs in the night, and turns the shadow of death into the morning; he has power to make up the loss of those that suffer;

His own presence with them is sufficient; if the great Shepherd and Bishop of souls be present, how much more is this than enough to supply the want of any under shepherd!

Persons that suffer are ready to go and lay open their sorrows to them that they think will be ready to pity them, though they know they can but pity them, and cannot help them.

How much more is here in such a case to induce us to go to Jesus, who is not only so ready to pity, but so able to help, able abundantly more than to fill up the breach, and able to turn all our sorrows into joy!

—Jonathan Edwards, The Works of Jonathan Edwards (Banner of Truth), vol. 2, 967.

Jonathan Edwards
January 3, 2009


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