Saturday, April 25, 2009

Running Report (2)

This morning, I successfully turned the "Seminary Stride" into the "Seminary Stroll." There are some things that a Red-Bull and a Whatchamacallit just can't compensate for.

Though there were no "flashes of brilliance" on this run, I did improve on my previous time by a full minute (from 35:49 to 34:11). It's all about the baby steps. 

I feel my primary accomplishment was not calling it quits after the guy pushing the stroller with two kids in it passed me at the 2 minute mark. And then again when one of my profs and his 11 yr old daughter breezed by me at the 1 mile marker. 

If you are interested in joining me in my workout regimen, just follow these steps: 
  1. Run a 5k 
  2. Follow that with 7 1/2 months of inactivity
  3. The week before the race, run till the point of exhaustion for four days straight
  4. Follow that with 2 days of inactivity
  5. Run the race. 
  6. Repeat.
To be continued . . . 

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