Monday, April 06, 2009

Worship Songs and Musical Tastes

Being overly sensitive and excessively opinionated about musical tastes is ridiculously easy to do (at least for me).

Bob Kauflin gives some excellent thoughts to remember before you think, "I hate that music," or even "I do not like this song" in the context of congregational worship.

  1. Being a self-appointed music critic is often just a sign of pride.
  2. Music doesn’t define us.
  3. Great songs don’t always sound great the first time through.
  4. Listening to music the masses have never heard of doesn’t make us better.
  5. Listening to music that is massively popular doesn’t make us better.
  6. Learning to appreciate unfamiliar music is one way to prefer others.
  7. Learning to like other kinds of music can open my eyes to God’s creativity.
  8. We may have to eat our words.
  9. We might be missing an opportunity to be grateful for God’s gifts.
  10. Being opinionated about music can affect our ability to worship God corporately.

Read the whole thing to get his explanation of each point.

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