"When the Pacifier will not Pacify," My Latest Book Idea

For some reason (go figure), this morning around 5:45am I lit upon an idea for a book, tentatively titled,
"When the Pacifier will not Pacify: Doing what you can while you wait for noiselessness--and a powernap."
The title, "When the Darkness will not lift" and "The Exhausted Parent's Guide to Getting Your Child to Sleep" were already taken.

If the book takes off, I've got a few more titles percolating. For example,
  • "When the bouncer will not pacify,"
  • "When the swing will not pacify,"
  • "When the sound machine will not pacify,"
  • "When the car ride will not pacify," etc.
Methinks this marketing niche is teeming with potential.
Hope Elisabeth
July 26, 2009


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