Monday, July 13, 2009

WIRED Magazine gives my Shout-Out a Shout-Out

WIRED Magazine May 2009 Mystery Edition, Rants section
WIRED Magazine published the "reader response" that I sent in regarding their May "Mystery" issue. I wasn't sure if they would include it, and they ended up working it in to the intro for the section:

Well, that was fun! We had a blast working with guest editor J.J. Abrams on our mind-bending May issue, which won over even the toughest of customers. "You intentionally issued a challenge to my powers of ratiocination and forced me to involuntarily feel a need for a decoder ring," wrote one, who says he'd nearly let his subscription lapse. "I fished out the discarded renewal notice and sent it on its way. May '09 = For. The. Win." Glad you're still with us, Ched Spellman! (via)
I'd like to take this moment to thank,
  • Edgar Allan Poe, from whom I learned the word "ratiocination" when I read his "Murders of the Rue Morgue for a college course (Hard-Boiled Detective Fiction). Poe described these short stories as "tales of ratiocination."
  • Twitter and @pbowden who introduced me to the concept of "for the win" (an "internet expression of enthusiasm") and its emphatic variant, "For. The. Win."
  • J.J. Abrams, for being awesome.
  • The Language Log, for clearing my conscience when I'm tempted to intentionally split my infinitives.
And for what it's worth, WIRED, you're welcome.

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