Friday, June 25, 2010

"Little Hope," for my daughter on her first birthday

Little Hope

    Little Hope, who made you?
    Do you know who made you?

Who gave you life and made you know
By instinct who to need and how to grow;
Formed your hands and shaped your feet,
Fashioned your heart and made it beat;
Designed your mind to think and play,
And keeps you breathing day by day?

    Little Hope, who made you?
    Do you know who made you?

    Little Hope, I’ll tell you,
    Little Hope, I’ll tell you:

He is called by your name,
For he is the hope of Glory.
You are our child, but he is our King
He alone deserves praise from everything
He created the world and holds it together
And you exist because of his good pleasure
Your life is a gift that we’re honored to hold
And we pray one day he’ll bring you into his fold

    Little Hope, God bless you!
    Little Hope, God bless you!

Ched Spellman, 2010
Inspired by William Blake's "The Lamb"

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