Monday, August 30, 2010

"In Whatever Format Works," an axiom for the new publishing paradigm

In a post explaining why he's never going to publish a book ever again (using traditional publishers/format), Seth Godin articulates his thinking about choosing an appropriate medium for his work:

My mission is to figure out who the audience is, and take them where they want and need to go, in whatever format works, even if it's not a traditionally published book.
I think this intentional adaptability is an important principle for authors and publishers in a technological climate in a state of constant flux.

Granted, Godin already has an extremely wide base, so his step outside the current paradigm isn't as risky as it would be for a less well-known, less dynamic figure.

However, I'm convinced this mentality is crucial even for those only beginning to enter into that world. And for journals, publishers, or authors who are either experiencing editorial setbacks, low readership, or a paucity of innovation.

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