What is Theological Interpretation? <i> Daniel J. Treier</i>

Theological interpretation of Scripture, in the end, is an essential practice in the Christian pilgrimage of seeking to know God.

It is that pursuit by which we endeavor to know where we are going and to catch a glimpse of what it will be like to arrive at our destination. Theological interpretation, in other words, offers the maps and requires us to use the various lenses through which we can envision how to undertake our journey. Because the quest ultimately involves deepening love for God and neighbor, its hermeneutical point of orientation is not simply the church; rather, theological interpretation orients the church, in a way that is both profoundly mysterious and very basic, toward seeking God.
–Daniel J. Treier, Introducing Theological Interpretation of Scripture, 205.

Daniel Treier
August 7, 2011


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