Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Perfect Office

My inner introvert is drooling over this dream space, a perfect private library.

The architect had three simple requests from his client:
  • A Table 
  • A Place for Books
  • Peace
What more could you ask for?

He chooses to build the library right at the edge of an open field, where the primary workspace overlooks the woods and actually juts out into them, surrounded by the trees and the field. As he articulates it, the building was designed to be "a framework to experience what's here." The entrance to the library is through a simple door, an "enigmatic presence" when viewed from a distance.

The architect envisioned going to work as a journey, the end of which was a sort of "arrival." Fittingly, the video has her begin to read Homer's Odyssey as soon as she sits down. For her, the arrival is not an end, but a beginning.

The journey to this place enables an arrival at a space which embodies departure into story-lines a world away. 

What a perfect architectural metaphor for the task of writing and creativity. The design of the building embodies the writer's endgame: You take up the written word and push it as far as it will go into the thicket of meaning.

Making your way through the tangles, you glance back to catch a fading glimpse of yourself: perched, at peace, but nevertheless lingering on the threshold. 

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