Drudgery is Part of the Cost of Discipleship

Calling transforms things by reminding us that drudgery is part of the cost of discipleship.

No one has written on this more persistently and bluntly than Oswald Chambers. Repeatedly he hammers home the point that "drudgery is the touchstone of character."

We look for the big things to do—Jesus took a towel and washed the disciples' feet. We presume the place to be is the mountaintop of vision—he sends us back into the valley. We like to speak and act out of the rare moments of inspiration—he requires our obedience in the routine, the unseen, and the thankless. Our idea for ourselves is the grand moment and the hushed crowd—his is ordinary things when the footlights are switched off.
—Os Guinness, The Call, 190.
April 5, 2014


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