Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Act of Eating as an Act of Remembering

Though I would substitute Fajita Quesadillas and Salsa for "Pad Thai," I like this reminder that the act of eating can be a daily reminder of God's gracious provision:

We eat every day—several times, if we are so lucky; without food, we die. We can no more make food grow than we can make rain fall. We are, as Wendell Berry writes, "living from mystery," dependent on forces we can't control and processes we can't fully understand.

A physical reality—our bodily dependence on food and, in turn, on the sustaining hand of the Creator who designed the earth to bring forth food—daily reminds us of a spiritual reality: our dependence on Christ. Thus every meal is sacramental: a tangible, tasty reminder of Christ's sacrificial love, especially when we take a moment before eating to consider the potato casserole or Pad Thai (or whatever!) as God's sustaining love made edible.
—Rachel M. Stone, Eat with Joy, 32.

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