Lingering on the Lectionary Podcast

Lingering on the Lectionary Podcast

The "Lingering on the Lectionary" podcast features a bi-weekly devotional reflection on the lectionary and discussions that center on the life of the churches and the local academy.

What You Can Expect
The three-part focus of the podcast: 

  1. The lectionary—The bi-weekly reflections draw upon the Revised Common Lectionary (a reading list used by a wide variety of traditions). My comments typically focus on biblical-theological themes + intertextual connections that are prompted by a given group of biblical texts.

  2. The life of the churches—Special episodes discuss topics that are relevant to the life of local churches. These occasional episodes (usually posted once or twice a month) feature interviews or book discussions about the meaning and rhythm of the church's liturgy.

  3. The local academy—Episodes and discussions will also examine the relationship b/w the church & the academy. Specifically, I'm interested in some of the academic elements of training for ministry and the way that theological education works within and for the churches.
Where You Can Listen
Thanks for listening!

Clarifying Note: The views of special guests are their own & do not necessarily reflect my own or the organizations with which I am formally and informally affiliated. 

Lingering on the Lectionary
January 23, 2022


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