One Holy Book: A Primer on How the Bible Came to Be & Why It Matters

About the Book

 One Holy Book: How the Bible Came To Be & Why It Matters
Series: Primers in Biblical and Theological Studies
Author: Ched Spellman 
Publisher: Codex Books, 2021
List Price: $12.99 | $8.99
Binding: paperback (amz) & digital (kindle)
Pages: 155

Overview (from the back cover): 

How did the Bible come to Be, and Why does it matter?

This book tells the story of how the Bible came to be and makes a case for why this history matters. Beginning with the basic questions believers are often asked about the origins of the Bible, Spellman introduces strategic steps you can take to understand and explain how the biblical writings were written and then gathered together into a treasured collection of authoritative Scripture.

Examining the story of canon formation is both challenging and rewarding. The gains from this historical and theological heavy-lifting will strengthen your own grasp of the Scriptures and give you confidence to discuss canon formation with others.

The book includes a discussion guide for churches and small groups as well as a series of further resources for possible research directions. These features of the book are designed for it to function well as a supplementary textbook in an academic course in biblical or theological studies.

Table of Contents:

How You Can Get Your Hands On It:

  • Order the paperback edition (amz)
  • Order the digital edition (kindle)
  • Request a review copy (send me an email or DM @chedspellman)
  • If there is a particular section or chapter you're interested in, feel free to contact me via email.  Further, if you are using this book in an academic course or Small Group study and would like to discuss any part of the project, let me know! I would love to interact or help in any way that I can.

Biblical Canon
January 15, 2021


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